The Adventist Development and Relief Agency


The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) is an international organization that works with people who need help regardless of their race, national, political or religious views to achieve positive visible changes in their lives.

Firstly ADRA works for socially vulnerable people in order to improve their quality of life through public initiatives aimed at socio-economic development projects, food security, health and education. An essential part of ADRA`s activity is working with children, as well as providing assistance to victims of emergencies.

ADRA has offices in more than 125 countries around the world. The central office is located in Washington, USA.

ADRA has been operating since 1993 in Ukraine. Over 20 years more than 150 different projects with a total budget of more than $ 20 million have been implemented and 400,000 direct beneficiaries have been assisted.


The Better Life Charity Foundation


The main purpose of the Foundation’s activities is to improve the financial position of recipients of charitable assistance and to promote social rehabilitation of those who need care. The Foundation provides material and financial assistance to low-income groups of the population, children, invalids, and pensioners who need social assistance and protection.

In Ukraine, the Foundation has been operating since 1995.