Economic cybernetics

Programmer. Economist. Analyst.

Branch of knowledge: 05 “Social and behavioral sciences”

Educational program: 051 "Economics"

Qualification: Bachelor of Economic Cybernetics

employee (6)
  • -developer of application packages (PPP) for general and problem use;
  • - specialist in the implementation of the latest information technologies;
  • Database Administrator (DBA)
  • -administrator of management information systems (UIS)
  • -programmer engineer;
  • -engineered computer systems engineer;
  • -developer of information and expert systems in economics, finance and credit, management and marketing;
  • -computer software engineer;
  • -economist (for planning, financial work, accounting and business analysis);
  • - head of the analytical center for processing economic, financial and accounting information;
  • - Head of Computer Services;
  • - head of a small business.
resume (6)

  • -Basic economic training (economic theory, international economics, marketing, management, finance, accounting).
  • -Economic-mathematical modeling (econometrics, simulation, project management, economic modeling, decision-making methods (including data mining), neural networks.
  • -Computer technologies (information systems in management, web-design and web-programming, electronic commerce, information business, database design technologies).
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    Intrigued? Have questions? Contact us!

    Intrigued? Have questions? Contact us!

    The specialty “Economic Cybernetics” is one of the most interesting and prestigious specialties that young people aspire to receive today. Studying in the specialty “Economic cybernetics”, you get into the interesting world of economy, discover the secrets of modern financial and banking activities, master the art of management and marketing, get acquainted with the labyrinths of computer networks and advanced information technologies.

    The Department of Economic Cybernetics carries out educational activity in the direction of preparation of “Economic Cybernetics” under the license of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

    Prospects for students:

    two-way training;
    learning several (at the student’s choice) foreign languages.

    During your training you will be able to:

    accommodation in comfortable dormitories of the Institute;
    interesting and useful filling of free time (there are artistic student groups, sports sections, etc.);
    use of convenient campus infrastructure.

    The department has formed a creative team of highly qualified teachers, who are constantly updating the content-rich content of disciplines, preparing author courses, actively introducing new teaching technologies.

    Experience, high professionalism of teachers and staff, dynamics of development made it possible to become a leading department for training of the specialty “Economic cybernetics”.

    Today, the scientific-methodical and educational process at the department is provided by professors, associate professors, senior teachers and assistants.

    Such scientific potential of the department makes it possible to carry out serious training of specialists in the specialty “Economic Cybernetics”, who will be able to hold leading positions in the economy both in Ukraine and abroad.

    Something interesting about the institute

    Something interesting about the institute

    The Ukrainian Humanities Institute is located in a beautiful, town-like town.