Communication without borders

Branch of Knowledge: 03 "Humanities"

Educational program: 035 "Philology"

Qualifications: Bachelor of Philology

  • -Methodist
  • -Manager with a foreign language
  • -The teacher of vocational education
  • -The teacher of English is a secondary educational institution
  • -Teacher of foreign literature of the secondary educational institution
  • -Hide-guide with foreign groups
  • - Teacher of elementary educational institution
  • -Secretary-speaker with a knowledge of a foreign language

  • -Fundamental training in English and German languages.
  • -Combitions with lecturers from the US, UK, Germany, Austria.
  • -Preparation of highly skilled specialists.
  • - Effective realization of educational and scientific potential for implementation of flexible dynamic stage training of specialists.
  • -Introduce international relations.
  • -University teaching in the leading universities of the United States, England, Germany, Austria, Poland.


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Since 1999, the Ukrainian Humanitarian Institute has started training specialists for the educational-qualification level “Bachelor” in the specialty “Philology”.

There are 15 teachers in the graduation department. The educational process is provided by 6 candidates of philological sciences.

Learning foreign languages is a window to the world, development, self-affirmation, a new cognition, a touch of foreign culture, the opportunity to travel and communicate with other people, as well as extensive professional opportunities.



The Department of German Philology collaborates with the HSE “NUA”, Plock University (Poland), the University of Andrews (USA) (College of Arts and Sciences), the University of Montmorelos (Mexico), the Newbold College (Great Britain), the Zaweski Christian University (Russia).

The Department of German Philology collaborates on an ongoing basis with Volunteer Volunteers from Germany and the United States who work with faculty in conducting classes from the first and second foreign languages ​​(as speakers of the languages ​​and cultures of the countries whose languages ​​are studied), assist in teaching subjects from linguistics .

Something interesting about the institute

The Ukrainian Institute of Humanities is located in a beautiful scenic town.