Media mainstreams

Branch of Knowledge: 06 "Journalism"

Educational program: 061 "Journalism"

Qualifications: Bachelor of Journalism

employee (1)
  • editor;
  • journalist;
  • literary worker;
  • observer;
  • editorial member;
  • director;
  • photo correspondent;
  • advertising representative;
  • referent;
  • commentator;
  • Leading program;
  • announcer.
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resume (1)

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The Department of Journalism was established in 2012 at the Faculty of Humanities. Our training of specialists involves familiarization with all types of media, which contributes to the formation of a universal journalist.

Today, information is not only a source of knowledge, it allows you to follow events that are happening around the world, but also a means of gaining the authority of any public institution. Training professionals to focus their skills on objective, impartial coverage of events in society is an urgent need today.

The Department of Journalism has signed an agreement on cooperation with the media group “Hope” (TC “Hope”, radio “Voice of Hope”). Within the disciplines, students are able to practice on TV and radio on a full-time basis. The great advantage is the location of these media in the territory of the educational institution.

Something interesting about the institute

The Ukrainian Institute of Humanities is located in a beautiful scenic town.