Physical Education

Physical Education
Healthy body is a healthy body.

Branch of knowledge: 01 "Education"

Educational program: 017 "Physical culture and sports"

Qualification: Bachelor of Physical Education

employee (2)
  • -Teacher of secondary educational institution;
  • -Teacher of secondary educational institution;
  • -Methodist of an out-of-school institution;
  • -Instructor of physical culture;
  • -Instructor (organizer) of sports-mass work;
  • -Organizer of extracurricular and out-of-school sports work;
  • -Meeter of a preschool institution;
  • -Instructor of the fitness club;
  • -Instructor on Production Gymnastics;
  • -Instructor of a sports club;
  • -Instructor of health-sports tourism.
resume (2)

Physical culture and sport - the sphere of human life, which is connected with the development of physical perfection of the individual, is an important factor in the support and strengthening of human health, improvement of its culture, way of communication, active leisure, alternative harmful habits and passions. Physical culture and sports intensively affect all spheres of social life and help to minimize economic costs, are factors of increasing the able-bodied age of a person.

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In 2013, the Ukrainian Institute of Humanities began training specialists for the educational-qualification level of the bachelor’s degree in the professional field “Physical Culture and Sport”.

The leadership of the department is carried out by professor, candidate of pedagogical sciences, Honored Worker of Physical Culture and Sports of Ukraine, Honored Coach of Ukraine, excellent education in Ukraine, master of sports in the field of athletics – Tereshchenko Valeriy Ivanovich.

Human health is a vital value that occupies the highest level in the system of qualitative manifestations of each person: interests, ideals, harmony, beauty, essence of life, perfection, happiness, love, creative work. In other words, the state of human health affects and simultaneously determines all aspects and areas of life of the individual from the biological, spiritual and social point of view.

The curriculum for bachelor training in the field “Physical Culture and Sport” provides for a thorough vocational training.

Physical education is the main direction of the implementation of physical culture and is an organic part of general education, designed to provide the development of physical, moral-will, intellectual ability and professional-applied skills of man.

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