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International students

Admission of International students to study at UGI / UATI

At the moment we offer the following programs:

  • Philosophy and Religious Studies
  • Philology (English language and World Literature)
  • Journalism and Media Communication
  • Finances
  • International Management

[panel title=”For admission to UGI / UATI, an international student must fulfill the following steps:”]

1. Submit the following documents to the Admission Office:

A. An Application form (click to download)

B. Scans of the documents of the previous education (if the documents are not in English, they should be translated into English)

C. Motivation letter

D. Recommendations from two people

The UGI / UATI Admissions Office checks whether the applicant’s documents meet the requirements and informs the overseas applicants about their decision. The admission committee might appoint an online interview with the applicant.

2. An International student transfers the International student deposit of $ 2,000 to the Institute’s bank account. (Terms of deposit refund and bank account information). After receiving the deposit, UGI / UATI issues a letter of acceptance which the applicant should submit to the Ukrainian embassy to obtain a visa.

3. After receiving a visa, a foreign citizen must pay the tuition for the first semester of study at UGI / UATI before arriving in Ukraine.

4. After arriving in Ukraine, an International student must take a course of Ukrainian or Russian language (this course is not necessary if the student has successfully passed the language exam upon arrival).

5. After successfully completing the course of Ukrainian (Russian), the student can start studying on the chosen program. [/panel]



[panel title=”An international student deposit“]

All overseas applicants (excluding applicants from CIS countries) must pay a deposit of $2,000 (two thousand US dollars). If the applicant comes with other family members, the same amount of deposit must be paid by each family member. Invitation to study, which is necessary for a student visa, will be sent only after the payment of a deposit.

Return of the deposit

The deposit is given back to the student upon the graduation after all fees are paid.

The deposit might be used as an emergency fund for the purchase of a plane ticket to return to the student’s home country.

In some cases, the deposit might be returned earlier.

Deposit is returned in full if the visa application is refused (denial must be confirmed by the Consular Department). The deposit is not refundable if the visa was denied because of the fraudulent application or because of the violation of the Embassy policy.

The deposit is not refundable if, after receiving the invitation, the student changed his plans and refused to study at the Institute.

Refunds will only be made to the individual or organization who originally paid the deposit. If a third party has paid the deposit on behalf of the applicant the Institute is unable to refund the deposit directly to the applicant.

At the end of the study the student must apply for a return of the deposit and provide information about the bank details, including SWIFT or BIC bank code of the recipient.

If within three years after the finishing (or cessation) of study the student does not request the deposit then these funds are credited to the income of the Institute and may not be returned in the future.

All costs associated with the return of funds (bank fees, etc.) are paid from the deposit.



[panel title=”Account information: “]



Company details

Company Name            Ukrainian Institute of Arts and Sciences

The bank account of the company 26009053003608
Name of the bank Privatbank, 50 Naberezhnaya Pobedy St., Dnipro, 49094, Ukraine
Company address UA 08292 Institutska 14, Bucha, Kiev region, Ukraine
IBAN Code UA203218420000026009053003608
Correspondent banks
Account in the correspondent bank 001-1-000080
SWIFT-code of the correspondent bank CHASUS33
correspondent bank JP Morgan Chase Bank,New York ,USA
Account in the correspondent bank 890-0085-754
SWIFT-code of the correspondent bank IRVT US 3N
Correspondent bank The Bank of New York Mellon, New York, USA

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