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Mission, Vision, Values


To provide for all an affordable higher education of good quality, which contributes to the formatting of the holistic personality and is based on the Christian values and on the responsibility before God and society.


UACHE is a place where the students in the process of education can get professional competencies and grow in faith in order to have a positive impact on their future.


Spiritual purpose:

Disclose to students the benefits of a Christian vision of the world. To encourage their lives to acquire real meaning in spiritual union with God.

Intellectual purpose:

To help students navigate and define themselves in a wide variety of spiritual and material values ​​accumulated by world culture over the centuries.

Academic programs are aimed at expanding and deepening the horizons of students. Special emphasis is placed on the direct connection between intellectual development and practical piety.

Professional purpose:

To prepare well-educated specialists in various fields of activity and practical ministry in the Church and society, and to promote their development as worthy citizens of their country.

Social purpose:

To make every effort to ensure that students can achieve social maturity as a guarantor of creativity in their lives, in the family and society. The institute conducts seminars and events aimed at developing harmonious interpersonal relations, and fosters a responsible, mature approach to the relationship between the individual and a modern society.

Healthy lifestyle:

Provide an opportunity for students to acquire knowledge and skills for a healthy lifestyle. The academic schedule and rules of the dorm categorically prohibit smoking, alcohol and drug use. The canteen and the cafeteria of the complex offer nutritious and healthy food. Special attention is paid to regular physical work and health promoting measures.