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Schedule of circles

Art circles

Rostock Student Theater

The Rostok Student Theater turned 20 in 2020. The circle gives students the opportunity to discover and develop their acting skills, get acquainted with classical works, perform on various stages.

Batik Creative Workshop

The circle has been working since 2003 and helps students to master such artistic directions as fabric painting (the name of this painting comes from the name of the circle), graphic works, Petrakivsky, stained glass, watercolor painting. Students master the composition, colors, correct placement of forms, beautiful mixing of colors in the work. The students’ works were presented at numerous exhibitions, presented to guests at anniversaries and UGI issues.

Student choir

The history of the team begins with the founding of UGI. The team consists of about 60 people. The choir actively performs both at home: in the student church, at scientific conferences, UGI celebrations, and “on the road”: competitions, festivals, recordings on the TV channel, other cities of Ukraine and Europe. In 2020 he won the multi-genre festival-competition “Gems”.

Search circles

(deepening the competencies of the Spiritual component)

There are search groups (small groups) on the territory of UGI, which unite students by different professional and personal interests. The leaders of these groups are both students and teachers. List of groups:

Circle of balance (how to look at ordinary things in an unusual way);
7 secrets of true happiness (how and where to find it?);
Whose daughter are you? (only for girls. Teaching femininity, elegance, etiquette);
They changed the world, what’s the secret? (development of one’s own personality through the study of the history of significant figures in history);
Between the lines (literary circle);
What did we not notice? (interesting facts and biblical stories).