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The procedure for receiving applications and documents

Applicants for a bachelor’s degree on the basis of a complete general secondary education for full-time study, except for persons who are eligible to participate in the competition based on the results of entrance examinations on the basis of a complete general secondary education, admission by interview (section X of the Admission Rules) and admission outside the competition (section XI of the Admission Rules), submit applications only in electronic form. There are no restrictions on submitting applications in electronic form for specialty(s).

All other categories of applicants apply only in paper form.

Submitting an electronic application

1. Applications in electronic form shall be submitted by applicants specified in paragraph 1 of Section V of the Admission Requirements.

2. To submit an electronic application, an applicant must register on the website at the following email address: .

3. During registration, the applicant shall provide the following information:

the email address to which he/she has access;

number, pin code, and year of receipt of the external independent evaluation certificate;

series and number of the certificate of complete general secondary education;

the average score of the appendix to the specified certificate, calculated on a 12-point scale with rounding to the nearest tenth of a point and calculated as the arithmetic mean of annual grades in the subjects of the invariant component of the curriculum, issued in the appendix to the certificate, and grades received for the state final certification. Items for which the entry “dismissed” is made are not included in the total number.

In addition, the applicant uploads a scanned copy (photocopy) of the appendix to the document on complete general secondary education and a 3 x 4 cm color photo to be submitted to the higher education institution.

4. The data submitted by the applicant as provided for in paragraph 3 of this section shall be checked in the Unified Database.

5. If the applicant’s data in the documents match, the applicant receives a login and password to access the personal electronic cabinet.

In case of loss of the login, the applicant must re-register his/her personal electronic cabinet.

6. The applicant gains access to his/her personal electronic account after entering his/her login and password on the website at the following email address: .

7. In the personal electronic cabinet, the applicant enters the following data about himself/herself into the Unified Database: gender, citizenship, telephone numbers (home and/or mobile) with the indication of area codes. To submit an application, an applicant chooses a higher education institution, an educational degree, a competitive offer, and prioritizes the application for participation in the competitive selection for enrollment in state-funded places.

8. The electronic application submitted by the applicant is immediately displayed in the section of the Unified Database to which the higher education institution chosen by the applicant has access. Upon submission, the electronic application receives the status “Registered in the Unified Database”.

9. The submitted electronic application may be canceled by the applicant in his/her personal electronic cabinet. In this case, the electronic application is assigned one of the statuses:

“Canceled by the applicant (or higher education institution)” – if the application is not registered with higher education institutions;

“Canceled by the applicant (without the right to submit a new application)” – if the application is registered or admitted to the competition in higher education institutions.

When submitting a paper application, the applicant presents:

  1. A state standard document on complete general secondary education (certificate) and an appendix to it at your own choice: original or copy – 2 A4 photocopies / scan.
  2. Certificate of the national multi-subject test or external independent evaluation (for applicants on the basis of complete general secondary education) / scan.
  3. Document proving identity and citizenship (1-2 pages and page 11 with registration) or birth certificate for persons who do not have a passport by age) – 2 A4 photocopies / scan.
  4. Certificate of registration of the person’s place of residence – 2 copies of A4 format / scan.
  5. Military ID (or registration certificate) – 1 A4 photocopy/scan. The applicant must be registered with the military
  6. Documents confirming the applicant’s right to be admitted by interview, to be admitted within the established quotas and to be admitted on a priority basis – 1 A4 photocopy / scan.
  7. Certificate of identification code – 2 A4 copies / scan.
  8. A copy of the marriage certificate (for persons who have discrepancies in the surnames in the documents (passport, certificate, certificate) -1 A4 photocopy / scan.
  9. Certificates of grade, qualification, etc. (for applicants for the specialty “Physical Culture and Sports” – 1 photocopy of A4 format / scan.
  10. Diploma of participant of international competitions, prize-winner (diplomas of I-III degrees) of the IV stage of All-Ukrainian student competitions in basic subjects, prize-winner (diplomas of I-III degrees) of the III stage of All-Ukrainian competitions-defenses of research works of students-members of the Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine – 1 copy of A4 / scan.
  11. 4 photographs of 3.5 x 4.5 cm in size (which meets the requirements of the State Migration Service of Ukraine for photographs when issuing biometric documents).
  12. A photo in electronic form that meets the requirements of the State Migration Service of Ukraine for photo images when issuing biometric documents. The resolution of the photo is at least 1000 pixels on the smallest side.
  13. A scan of your passport (if available).
  14. Folder with ties (cardboard) – 1 pc.
  15. Medical certificate in the form 086/о – 1 photocopy of A4 format / scan.
  16. Documents confirming disability (if any).
  17. Documents confirming membership in special categories of applicants (if any) listed in Section X of these Rules.

The foreigner must present the application in person:

  1. Passport translated into Ukrainian and notarized – 2 originals;
  2. The original document on previous education and its appendix;
  3. A document on previous education and an appendix to it, translated into Ukrainian and certified by a notary – 1 original;
  4. Medical certificate of health (translated into Ukrainian and certified by a notary or made in Ukraine);
  5. Medical certificate for HIV/AIDS (translated into Ukrainian and certified by a notary or made in Ukraine).

All documents submitted in electronic form are sent to the mail of the Admissions Committee

All copies of the documents are certified by the admissions committee of the UGI or in accordance with the procedure established by law.