The procedure for accepting applications and documents

Applicants for a bachelor’s degree on the basis of complete general secondary education for full-time education, except for persons eligible to participate in the competition according to the results of entrance examinations on the basis of complete secondary education, enrollment at interview (section X of the Admission Rules) and enrollment out of competition ( Section XI of the Rules of Admission), apply only in electronic form. Submission of applications in electronic form for specialty (specialization) is not limited.

All other categories of applicants submit applications only in paper form.

Submission of an electronic application

1. Applications in electronic form shall be submitted by applicants referred to in clause 1 of section V of the Terms of admission.

2. To submit an electronic application, the applicant must register on the website at:

3. During registration, the applicant notes the following data:

  •  email address to which it has access;
  • number, pin-code and year of receipt of external independent assessment certificate;
  • the series and number of the certificate of complete secondary education;
  •  The average score of the application to the specified certificate, calculated on a 12-point scale, rounded to tenths of a point, is calculated as the arithmetic average of annual assessments for the subjects of the invariant component of the curriculum presented in the annex to the certificate, and estimates obtained for the state final certification. Items for which the entry “fired (a)” has been recorded are not counted in the total.
  •  In addition, the incoming downloads a scanned copy (photocopy) of the annex to the document on general secondary education and a color photo of 3 x 4 cm, which will be submitted to the university.


4. The data submitted by the incoming, provided for by paragraph 3 of this section, are checked in a single database.

5. In the event that the incoming data in the documents coincides, the applicant receives a login and password to access the personal electronic cabinet.

In case of loss of the login, the incoming must re-register the personal electronic office.

6. The applicant receives access to the personal electronic office after entering his login and password on the website at:

7. In the personal electronic office, the applicant enters into the Unified Database the following data about himself: gender, citizenship, telephone numbers (home and / or mobile) with telephone codes. To submit an application, the applicant chooses a higher education institution, an educational degree, a competitive offer and establishes the priority of an application for participation in a competitive selection for admission to places on the basis of a state order.

8. The electronic application submitted by the applicants is immediately displayed in the section of the Unified Base to which the higher education institution selected by the entrant has access. At the time of filing, the electronic application receives the status “Registered in the Unified Database”.

9. The submitted electronic application can be canceled by the incoming in a personal electronic office. At this electronic application one of the statuses is established:

“Canceled by applicants (or higher education institutions)” – if the application is not registered in any higher education institutions;

“Canceled by applicants (without the right to submit a new application)” – if the application is registered or admitted to the competition in higher education institutions.

When submitting an application in paper form, the applicant submits personally:

The document of the state sample on the general secondary education (certificate) and the attachment to it at the personal choice of the original or a copy thereof – 2 copies of the format A-4.
Certificate of external independent assessment (for applicants on the basis of complete secondary education) – 2 copies of the format A-4.
Identity and citizenship document (1-2 p. And p. 11 with registration) or birth certificate for persons who do not have a passport by age) – 2 x-copies of format А-4.
Military ticket (or registration certificate) – 1 photocopy of A-4 format.
Documents confirming the applicant’s right to enrollment at the interview, to enrollment within the limits of the established quotas and to priority enrollment – 1 photocopy of A-4 format.
Identification Code Reference

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