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How do I apply for admission electronically?

A list of statuses that an applicant can see in their personal account:

“Registered in the Unified Database”
– electronic registration was successful.

“Needs to be clarified by the applicant”
– the university accepted the application, but indicated the data that needs to be clarified and how.

“Registered in a higher education institution”
– the university has registered you, started a personal file, assigned a personal number, i.e. EVERYTHING IS OK.

“Admitted to the competition”
– everything is clear, now we just have to wait.

“Rejected by the higher education institution”
– not allowed to participate in the competition (the reason for the refusal must also be indicated)

“Canceled by the applicant (or higher education institution)”
– the application has been canceled.

“Recommended for enrollment”
– comments are unnecessary! 🙂 We wish everyone to see this status – let’s go and bring the originals of all documents to the university!

“Excluded from the recommended list”
– is an unfortunate status, but it also exists: the university does not accept the applicant, giving the reason for the refusal.

“Included in the order”
– That’s it, you’re a student!

All applicants can submit an electronic application, but! if they do not have grounds for special conditions for participation in the competition and enrollment, as defined by the Terms of Admission and university admission rules (please ask each specific educational institution about this).

Dear applicants! We would like to inform you about the possibility of registering in the electronic office of the applicant, submitting an application online directly to the Admissions Committee of the Ukrainian Humanitarian Institute, whose competent staff will assist you in this.