On September 17, 1995, UUС decided to establish an institute of higher education for young people in the village of Bucha, Kiev region. The Theological Seminary was registered and Anatoly Zalovaga was elected as rector.


On August 31, 1996 a piece of land, which before had been used as a children’s pioneer camp, was purchased.  The reconstruction of the buildings started and the process of preparation of the documentation for the Institute began.


On February 25, 1999, the Ukrainian Institute of Arts (UIAS) and Sciences was registered as the first Christian institution of higher education in Ukraine accredited by the state.

The Adventist Accreditation Association for Higher Education (AAA) has approved the international accreditation of the UIAS.

In October 1999, the first cohorts of students were enrolled. The first licensed programs were: “Finance,” “Management,” “Philology (English and German)”.


The program “Marketing” was opened.


The Theological department, a filia of the Zaoksky seminary was opened in Bucha. The Department offered theological education for pastors.

The team of UIAS was awarded with the Honorary Diploma from the Ministry of Education of Ukraine for the success in the organization of the educational process.


New program “Phylosophy (Religious Studies)” was started.


The building of the girls’ dormitory was finished. The dormitory accommodated 240 people.

A center of E. G. White studies was started.


The transformation of the Institution took place. The Theological Seminary and the Institute of Arts and Sciences were combined under the roof of Ukrainian Adventist Center of Higher Education (UACHE).

Musical Intensive program was started. It prepared choir conductors, vocalists and accompanists.


The construction of the Multi-purpose Complex and Gym, which can accommodate 2000 people, was finished.


UIAS takes the 6th place in the rating of private educational institutions of Ukraine.

New program “Journalism” was launched.


Two new programs are started: “Physical Education” and “IT in Business”.

The Alumni Association was organized.


The UACHE was officially visited by the President of Andrews University (USA), Andrea Luxton. A Memorandum of Understanding about the starting a joint MA in Religion master program was signed.


A MOU about starting a program MA in International Development was signed with Andrews University.


Two new programs started: “Design” and “Psychology”.


A new program “Primary Education” started.