On September 17, 1995, the UUK decided to establish an institute for the education of young people in Bucha village, Kiev region. The Spiritual Seminary was registered with the authorities. Anatoly Stepanovich Zhalovaga was elected rector.


On August 31, 1996, a plot of land was purchased in the Kiev region, which was previously used as a children’s pioneer camp. Work began on the reconstruction of buildings and preparation of documentation for the future institute.


On February 25, 1999, the Ukrainian Institute of Arts ans Science was registered as the first Christian institution of higher education in Ukraine, accredited be the state.

The Adventist Accreditation Association for Higher Education (AAA) has approved the international accreditation of the UIAS.

Since October 1999, an enrollment has been made for the first licensed programs: “Finance”, “Management”, “Philology (English and German)”.


A new specialty “Marketing” has been opened.


The theological faculty from the Zaoksky Theological Seminary has been opened in Bucha, which offers full-time theological education.

The UIAS team was awarded the Certificate of Honor of the Ministry of Education, Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine for the success in organizing the educational and educational process.


A new specialty “Philosophy (Religious Studies)” was opened.


In January 2006, a new dormitory for girls with 240 beds was completed and put into operation.

A mini-center for research on the work of E. White was opened.


The educational institution was reorganized: the Theological Seminary and the Ukrainian Institute of Arts and Sciences merged into one educational center, which was named the Ukrainian Adventist Center for Higher Education (UACHE).

Intensive music courses for choir directors, vocalists and accompanists have opened.


In the spring of 2011, building was completed and a multifunctional complex with 2,000 seats and a sports hall were put into operation.


UIAS ranks 6th in the rating of private educational institutions in Ukraine.

A new program “Journalism” is launched.


Two new programs are being opened: “Physical Education” and “Economic Cybernetics”.

The Association of UIAS and UATI graduates was organized.


There was an official visit of the rector of the Andrews University (USA), Andrea Laxton, at UACHE.

An agreement on cooperation (MOU) and the implementation of the general master’s program MA in Religion was signed.


An agreement was signed with the University of Andrews to conduct the MA in International Development master’s program.


Educational program “Psychology” – received a license to provide educational services in specialty 053 Psychology First (bachelor’s) level of higher education (with the possibility of training foreigners and stateless persons).


Enrollment for the new Primary Education program is opened.