A scientific conference: «Journalism, Christian media services and Understanding Media Education» will be held

18-th October in Ukrainian institute of art and science will be held an international scientific and practical conference «Journalism, Christian media services and Understanding Media Education»

Scholars, graduate students, doctoral students, faculty, and journalists are invited to take part in the conference.


Topics for discussion:


Christian journalists and teachers in the conditions of transforming mass media  

  • The challenges of modern journalism and the position of Christian journalists and journalism teachers.
  • The example of the main characteristics of the Hope channel world network within the framework of the Christian media typology.


Journalism and Media communication Departments in Christian Universities

  • The different goals of media communication education at Christian university: Christian media services, media literacy, secular journalism.
  • Christian worldview and highlights of journalism and media communication education programs.
  • The journalism specialization and competencies problems in journalism education.
  • Cooperation and interaction of journalism and media communications departments with communities and local media.


Partnership the Hope channel network with journalism and media communication departments

  • Mission and audience of TV and broadcasting Hope channel and other Christian media.
  • How do Hope channel and other Christian media cover social and spiritual agenda?
  • Hope channel as a job market: requirements to journalists.
  • The best experiences: what way the students and teachers cooperate with worldwide network Hope channel and other Christian media.


The international cooperation perspectives between journalism media communications departments and Christian media

  • The international researches possibility: what and how?
  • Students and teachers mobility.
  • Joint courses.
  • International projects of journalism and media communication departments and national newsrooms.


The languages of the conference: Ukrainian, Russian, English.

Booking rooms in a dormitory is possible. The members of the conference pay for the stay. Please, take care of your departure in advance.



Contact address:

Ukrainian Institute of Arts and Sciences,

Institutska Str.  14,


Kyiv obl.,


Contact phone:

(+38093) 895-85-48 Nadezhda Khlebnikova

(+38063) 888-25-17 Svitlana Rybak

Email: journalist@ugi.edu.ua

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