Training students for the conscious active service to God and society through the development of their personal and professional skills, which were formed and acquired by involvement in academic, scientific and educational programs based on Christian philosophy of education.


Ukrainian institute of Arts and Sciences is a place where during the educational process students can get professional competences to impact their future with faith.


Spiritual goal:

To reveal to the students the advantages of Christian worldview. To facilitate their spiritual growth so that they might get the true meaning of life in spiritual connection with God.

Intellectual goal:

To help students to find their way in great variety of spiritual and material values which were accumulated by the world culture during ages.

Academic programs are designed to give students profound knowledge and to broader their outlook. Particular emphasis is made on direct connection between intellectual development and practical godliness.

Professional goal:

To train well-educated experts in different fields who will be prepared for practical service to the Church and society.

To facilitate the formation of students’ identity as dignified citizens of their country.

Social goal:

To encourage students to achieve social maturity in their personal lives, so that they will be responsible members of their families and of the society. The Institute organizes many events and seminars that teach students to build harmonic interpersonal relationship with other people and to develop a mature approach to solving issues connected with personal and social relationships.

Health lifestyle:

To give students an opportunity to get knowledge and experience in healthy lifestyle. According to academic regimen and rules of cohabitation it is absolutely forbidden to smoke, drink alcohol and take drugs. Nutritious and healthy food is provided by the campus cafeteria. Special attention is given to regular physical work and exercises that also help to maintain good health.