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Double degree program

Cost for 1 academic year

110 €/year

Cost for the full course (3 years)

330 €/year

Cost for final certification and diploma


Apply for the double degree program

A great offer for every applicant who has dreamed of studying abroad or has problems with the EIT.

We offer you to study at UGI under the double degree program.

A double degree? What does it mean?

It’s very simple: you choose the specialty you like at the Ukrainian Humanitarian Institute and choose one of the specialties at our partner.

UGI is a member of the international association of higher education institutions AAA and is friends with many higher education institutions from different countries, which are happy to offer our applicants and students interesting offers that are difficult to refuse. One of these educational institutions is the Michał Bielina-Czechowski School of Theology and Humanities in Podkowa Lesna, Poland. It is this institution that offers a double degree program for all UGI applicants.

How to join the program?

It’s very simple. You need to come or call the Admissions Committee of the Ukrainian Humanitarian Institute and tell them about your desire to study. The staff of the Admissions Committee will help you to prepare all the documents.


You choose one of the specialties at UGI and the specialty of the partner university, these can be the same specialties or you can choose different specialties, but remember that you will have to pass the academic difference between the specialties, which is paid additionally.

How much does it cost?

Unrealistically affordable! The price is 110 euros for one academic year. In Poland, the bachelor’s degree program lasts only 3 academic years, so the total tuition fee will be 330 euros + 50 euros for final certification and diplomas.

What specialties can you choose in Poland?


Tourism in the Mediterranean countries

English and German philology




Health prevention

For more information, please contact the Admissions Office of the Ukrainian Humanitarian Institute.

We're waiting for you, don't miss the opportunity. Places are limited.