Know yourself to help others

Branch of knowledge: 05 "Social and behavioral sciences"

Educational program: 053 "Psychology"

Qualifications: Bachelor of Psychology

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  • - autonomy of action
  • - creative approach to any business
  • - readiness to constantly update knowledge
  • - flexibility of mind
  • - readiness for systemic and economic thinking
  • - Ability to conduct dialogue
  • - Ability to cooperate in a team
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Psychology is one of those sciences that can be called universally and eternally with full rights. Human civilization is moving rapidly through progress, inventing new mechanisms, making global discoveries that make it look at the world and its structure at a completely unexpected angle. But even in the modern world, the greatest mystery, alpha and omega, the beginning and end of all remains a person.

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The specifics of the profession allows each of the graduates of the faculty to look for their, most convenient niche within the framework of the modern labor market. The format of individual psychological or psychotherapeutic counseling allows you, by gathering a broad client base, to work on a free and flexible schedule. Equally possible is employment for permanent employment at a medical institution, an educational institution or a commercial organization with all its benefits – a stable, customized schedule, social protection, and consistent career development within a single structure. You can achieve success and self-realization by starting a career in a psychologist, a practical psychologist, a psychotherapist, a family psychologist or a teacher of profile subjects at a higher educational institution. You can also choose a separate direction of psychology and, after passing a short course in an authoritative institution, become a specialist in classical psychoanalysis, gestalt therapy, or body-oriented therapy. These psychological techniques are quite popular nowadays, and the availability of specialized psychological education will help you to work more qualitatively and will give credibility to your potential clients.

One of the important advantages of your chosen specialty is that in the modern labor market the number of areas where the employer will be interested in a person with a psychological higher education is virtually unlimited.

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