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Field of knowledge: 02 “Culture and Art”

Educational program: 022 “Design”

Qualification: Bachelor of Design

-industrial, engaged in the design and creation of household appliances, vehicles;
-environmental design, creates the interior, decorates buildings, plots;
-graphic, works on creating brands and advertising;
-3D-design, creates animations, presentations, layouts using a computer program;
-landscape, specializes in work related to the design of land, park, garden;
-design of clothes, shoes and accessories, dictates a new style and fashion trend.

Teachers of the department are practicing designers. This allows the student to fully realize themselves: the creation of projects where the idea has no limits and the author’s idea is implemented only speculatively and can reach the largest scale, always correlates with the real possibilities of implementation in the material, in the future – on the object. This approach does not limit the creative, individual component of the design profession, which should almost always correspond to the wishes of the customer, but, on the contrary – helps the student to find their own style, develop and maintain its constant progress, transformation, given current trends in industry and while maintaining a personal vision.

History of the designer’s profession
Design originated in ancient times, when people first began to face the question of the convenience of tools and life.

Modern design is due to the fact that in the 19th century began to develop industrial production, and then there was a need for design and artistic activities.

The first school of design appeared in the 1920s, as the need for these specialists grew.

Professional holiday

September 9 is considered to be the designer’s day. The holiday appeared in 2005, and was timed to the anniversary of the popular and successful designer Vladimir Chuyko.

Designers celebrate their professional holiday very cheerfully and creatively. Quite often on this day various creative and very interesting events are organized, where designers can relax and show off their creations.

This profession is a real vocation, for those who prefer creativity, for those who have good taste and developed imagination, not used to monotonous and boring work.

This area is ideal for those who love to draw, create beauty, have the skills to work in the necessary programs for design, and dream of creating and enjoying their masterpieces.