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Finance, banking and insurance

“Money should be managed, not served. /Seneca Lucius Annaeus

Field of knowledge: 07 “Management and administration”

Educational program: 072 “Finance, banking and insurance”

Qualification: Bachelor’s degree

In the field of finance, a specialist is a person who conducts financial intermediation, insurance, banking management, tax management and supervision, and organizes the work of financial services of enterprises and institutions of various forms of ownership.

In the banking sector, he performs lending, deposit and other banking operations, makes settlements and prepares reports in commercial banks, credit organizations and other financial institutions.

In the insurance sector, it provides all types of insurance and reinsurance services.

Prospects for students:

During your studies, you will have the opportunity to undergo training and work experience in leading banking and insurance institutions of the city and region, in the financial departments of enterprises of all forms of ownership.

You will have the opportunity to acquire skills in working with modern information technologies in the field of finance and receive a certificate of software user (software) of a group of software development companies (SDCs).

Training in two areas of study.

Learning several foreign languages (at the student’s choice).

The educational process is fully supported by training and work programs, methodological developments, textbooks and manuals. general-purpose software and specialized application packages.

The online platform MOODLE provides the necessary methodological developments, textbooks and manuals for studying disciplines and using the necessary methodological developments.

The Finance, Banking and Insurance study program involves the acquisition of knowledge:

  • in the theory and practice of finance,
  • financial technologies,
  • financial management,
  • insurance,
  • development of investment strategies in the financial market.

The Finance, Banking and Insurance study program provides the development of skills and practical knowledge applicable to professional activities.

This includes up-to-date knowledge of financial science and acquired competencies in all sectors of the economy and areas of the financial and credit system: public finance, including budget and tax systems, local finance, business entity finance, small business finance, financial markets, banking and insurance, international finance using specialized information systems, modern financial technologies and software products.

Finance, banking and insurance is an extremely exciting, prestigious and very profitable field of activity.

The profession of a financier is relevant, as the number of enterprises of various forms of ownership and fields of activity is constantly growing in the time of constant economic development, and therefore the need for financiers, analysts, financial advisors and financial managers is also increasing.

The proverbial saying goes:

– are people who know more about money than those who have it.

The specialty Finance, Banking and Insurance for the applicant is:

  • prestige


    the graduate’s advantage in the labor market;

  • high professionalism

    knowledge of

    of the latest information and educational IT technologies;

  • uniqueness


    modern universal knowledge

  • your future

    the profession of financier is a win-win choice!

The rating of this profession has remained consistently high for many years.

The profession of a financier is a broad and versatile one: you can work as a financier both in an industrial enterprise and in the public sector.

The educational process is provided by experienced faculty.

The scientific potential of the department allows for high-quality training of specialists in the Finance, Banking and Insurance program, who will be able to work both in Ukraine and abroad.

The department has computer rooms.

  • Strong material and technical base.
  • Modern computer equipment.
  • The department has its own page on the UGI website, which contains information for studying disciplines in the department’s specialties.

General-purpose software and special application software products were installed, including the Ukrainian Accounting System UBS, M.E.Doc, IS-pro, and others.

The department conducts research on the topic “Information systems and technologies for managing socio-economic processes in the economy.”

In doing so, the department’s staff formulate the problem and involve students in the research process, and the results are discussed and presented at scientific and practical conferences at home and abroad (including student conferences).