Finance, banking and insurance

Money loves the smart

Field of knowledge: 07 “Management and administration”

Educational program: 072 “Finance and Credit”

Qualification: Bachelor of Psychology

financial analyst,
financial manager,
stock market analyst,
economist in banks, insurance companies, tax administrations and other governmental and non-governmental organizations and institutions,
insurance agent,
liquidator-manager of property of debtor enterprises.

Having received a diploma of the state standard, specialists in finance and credit can work in all spheres and parts of the financial system of Ukraine:

commercial banks,
insurance companies,
investment funds
other financial market participants,
enterprises of various industries,
public authorities, etc.

In 1999, the Ukrainian Humanities Institute began training financiers at the bachelor’s degree.

The department uses the opportunities to study foreign experience within the agreements of the Institute with its foreign partner universities – in particular, the University. Andrews (USA), University of Montemorelos (Mexico), Newbold College (England), Samyuk University (South Korea), Zaok Christian Institute for Humanities and Economics (Russia) and other organizations.

Among the teachers of the department are 2 doctors of economics, 1 – doctor of philosophy and candidate of economic sciences, and 7 candidates of sciences (6 – in economics, 1 – in physical and mathematical sciences). Thus, 10 teachers have scientific degrees and academic titles, which is 76.9% of the number of teachers of the department.

If you choose the profession of a financier, you should know that it requires strategic thinking, attention, mathematical mind, endurance, diligence and perseverance.

The financier must be able to rationally manage funds, correctly determine the calculation of taxes, to act actively in the field of financial markets, to protect savings from inflation.