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Sergey Shvarts, art director of the Vsi.Svoi chain of stores, visited UGI

As part of the morning social hour, students had the honor of meeting a successful personality, Serhiy Schwartz. The guest managed to interest the students with his life stories and share his extensive experience.

In particular, they talked about the purpose of a person, how to find your vocation and do what you love. Sergiy shared his own success story, his mistakes and ways to avoid them. The students were interested, and at the end of the meeting they completed a practical task that helped to consolidate their knowledge.

“I do what I love. And it feels great when you realize that you are in your place. You get energy from your work and don’t get exhausted,” Sergiy shared his thoughts.

The speaker also shared his experience: he talked about his travels, career achievements, and his own insights. Students could understand the essence of this lecture with the help of examples. The meeting was attended by many students, some of whom attended online.

The main topic of the speech was the importance of self-analysis in the life of every student and the ability to determine their future path.

“Analyze how you feel when you work in a certain field. If you are still studying, imagine yourself in it. Another piece of advice is not to get stuck in one thing if you don’t have a burning passion for it. Change your course to something else,” the speaker assures.

UGI students were inspired by Serhiy Schwartz’s life principles and gained new knowledge for themselves, and most importantly, they found the key to their own success in the guest’s words.

Victoria Lytvyn

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