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Mainstream media

Field of knowledge: 06 “Journalism”

Educational program: 061 “Journalism”

Qualification: Bachelor of Journalism

  • editor;
  • journalist;
  • literary collaborator;
  • observer;
  • member of the editorial board;
  • director;
  • photojournalist;
  • advertising representative;
  • referent;
  • commentator;
  • host of the program;
  • announcer.


PLO.1 History of Ukraine: society, culture, politics and religion
GCF.2 Foreign language
PLO.3 Philosophy European civilization: philosophy and religion
GCF.4 Socio-cultural design
GCSE 5 Sociology
GC.8 Spiritual formation of a specialist
ОУЗ.9 Fundamentals of creationism
PLO 1 Fundamentals of scientific research
OKP.2 Stylistics of the Ukrainian language
ECU 3 Playwriting and screenwriting
GCF.5 Introduction to the specialty. Information genres
ECU 6 Analytical genres
ECU 7 Fiction and journalistic genres
GCF.8 Topical issues in the media (social, religious, economic, cultural development)
UCP.9 Media law
GCF.10 Ethics of journalistic activity
ECP.11 Social psychology
GCF 12 Theory and practice of journalism (PR module)
ECP 13 Theory of mass communication (audience research module)
ECU 14 History of Ukrainian journalism
GCU.15 History of foreign journalism
UCP.16 Photojournalism
ECU 17 Audio journalism (radio production, podcasts)
ECP 18 Newspaper and magazine production (module newspaper production)
OKP.19 Television production
ECP.20 Fundamentals of digital technologies
PCE.21 Statistics and data analysis
EC.22 Data journalism
ECU 23 Internet journalism
PLO.24 Fundamentals of media entrepreneurship
PLO.25 Fundamentals of programming and website development
PCE 26 Multimedia storytelling
ECU 32 Workshop (Information genres), website
ECU 33 Workshop (Analytical genres), website
ECU.34 Workshop (Newspaper)
PLO.35 Workshop “Community Mediatization” (English course)

Agency journalism


The Department of Journalism was established in 2012 at the Faculty of Humanities. Our training involves getting acquainted with all types of media, which contributes to the formation of a universal journalist.

Today, information is not only a source of knowledge, it allows you to follow events around the world, but also is a means of gaining the authority of any public institution. The training of specialists who would focus their skills on objective, unbiased coverage of events in society is an extremely urgent need today.

The Department of Journalism has signed a cooperation agreement with the Nadiya media group (Nadiya TV channel and Golos Nadiya radio). Within the academic disciplines, students have the opportunity to practice on TV and radio on a regular basis. A big advantage is the location of these media on the territory of the educational institution.