Department of Pedagogy and Psychology

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Branch of knowledge: 01 "Education"

Branch of knowledge: 05 “Social and behavioral sciences”

Educational program: 013 "Primary education"

Educational program: 053 "Psychology"

Qualifications: Bachelor of Elementary Education

Qualification: Bachelor of Psychology

employee (3)
  • -primary school teacher;
  • -Teacher of English (in kindergartens and elementary school);
  • -practical psychologist in educational institutions;
  • -educator in preschool educational institutions;
  • -teacher of extended day groups;
  • -teacher-organizer in summer health camps and other children's health institutions;
  • -head of a private school or kindergarten;
  • -head of the psychological care office;
  • -psychologist-consultant;
  • -tutor;
resume (3)
  • Scope of employment - general educational institutions, out-of-school educational institutions, rehabilitation centers, private institutions.
  • Philological competence. Applying such knowledge, skills and competencies that make up theoretical basis of the initial course of the language of instruction, the language of study, the foreign language, literary reading and their separate content lines.
  • Psychological competence. Ability to develop elementary school students based on their knowledge and skills about their age, individual characteristics and social development factors.
history (3)

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Primary education ensures the general development of the child, the ability to confidently read, know the basics of arithmetic; acquiring primary skills in using the book and other sources of information; the formation of general ideas about the surrounding world, the assimilation of the norms of universal morality and personal communication, the foundations of hygiene, the development of the first labor skills.

The profession of a teacher is one of the most respected, honorable and responsible professions. It can be said that the teacher creates the future of the country, therefore, his work largely depends on the versatility of the development of knowledge of the younger generation, his convictions, worldview, moral qualities.

Pedagogical activity requires a special vocation. Education and training can be done by people with a tendency and love for this business. A teacher must love and transfer his knowledge to others, to be enthralled by the process of training and upbringing of a person. The success of pedagogical activity depends largely on the communicative skills of the teacher, on his ability to establish the right relationship with the children. The work of the teacher imposes great demands on his attention. The teacher works with the whole class, and he needs to be kept in the field of view of many students. He should be able to notice all the changes in their behavior.

Thus, observation, attention distribution, and switching are professional qualities of a teacher. Pedagogical activity requires from the person and certain volitional qualities: endurance, patience, consistency, persistence, self-control. He is obligated to control his behavior and manage it. It is very important in the profession of a teacher a language that should be distinct, emotional, and convincing.

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